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Target Media Directory is a comprehensive media database.

It provides in-depth details of publications, broadcast stations, websites and blogs in South Africa, as well as prominent media titles across the African continent.

The database makes it easy for PR and communications professionals to identify the media they should target for campaigns and media announcements.

Use the directory to create targeted media lists that help you get your press releases and marketing content to the right people.


Media landscape database

Target Media Directory offers detailed information on
South Africa’s newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, websites and blogs. It also includes details of the media in the rest of Africa.

Get information on reach, audience, circulation, advertising rates and the topics and industries covered.

Visual aids, like graphs and word clouds, give you quick insights into the media.

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Media and contact lists

Easily compile a list of media titles and media contacts* using Target Media Directory.

This gives you quick access to the publications, broadcast stations, websites and blogs you are interested in.

You can add the email addresses and phone numbers of your personal contacts to your My Contacts library.

Media content profile

Identify key media in the directory using the Media Content Profile.

This highlights the engagement opportunities and different markets that can be reached based on the topics covered by each publication, broadcast station, website and blog.

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Powerful searching

Search for any publication, broadcast station or website.

The advanced search feature lets you refine your search by keyword, media type, language, topic, country or region.


Add notes to media and contacts so you can easily keep track of all your interactions.

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*The contact details are those provided by publishers. Additional contacts required, that are not in the directory, are to be sourced at the user's discretion.